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injuries,skate or no?
Think I'm in luck. Its going to be windy tomorrow but no rain/snow, Sun is going to be decent, I hope! I'm going to take the skateboard out and see if I need much besides maybe bushions and later wheels and what I can do. I might later switch to an oldschool board for cruisin mostly. Then I'll try some tricks out on my bike. I just need my WOO-HOO fix!!!!

I think I might be in luck though. I was walking around the mall today just to get my legs stretched out so I dont climb the walls lol. But they had an acupressure place. For 10 mins it was $12. I asked if it helped tendonitis. Well, I tried it out and it took all the pain away for awhile! Nothing else has helped this much. I had to do a few jumps and it felt so awesome and no pain!! But I stopped since I didnt want to hurt anything. It aches just a touch now. But I think if I massage it like she did, it might help increase circulation and speed healing. Anyway, one more week til I skate the bowls, maybe sooner! I will stick to once a week for a few then hoping this will heal fully. Always open to suggestions, places for spare parts, bionic reconstruction lol? :-D Yeah, injuries suck, so does getting older. I wish I had the answer, I dont.....

Hey Robert, post a pic of your board. I'm curious. I might dig cruisin the streets with it and that might be good for me, allow me my rest days.

. S: Injuries suck! Maybe you can skate the bowl, but just be real conservative and have a mellow session. If the pain gets bad, then stop.
: : The weathers been awful here! Really, really cold, rain, super windy. I'm dying to get outside! It might rain this weekend too. My shoulder is just a touch sore, not in pain really now. My knee is still sore. I was skating on it but it wasnt really healing. I dont know if I can wait another week if it rains this weekend. I want to go to the indoor park. Do others just skate if they are injured or no? Its tendonitis so it will take awhile. My cross training plans were in hops of having more days for it to heal. Bowl skating doesnt aggravate it too much I dont think. I dont know what else to do to make it heal. I cant sit on my butt anymore and all my plans to do stuff are being mest up cause of this crappy weather. I'm climbing the walls! The fitness center brings me no motivation. I push myself at work all day and nothing is left. Sorry, I just need to roll. I dont know how to sit and knit a sweater and I dont care....... Yes, I'm ansty lol.
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