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OMG! :-D
: : My knee doesnt feel sore this morning! Tomorrow its going to get up to 60. Hum.......skatepark? ;-D I said another week but I'm old and forgetful lol. I'll try to see if it acts up today if not, its woo-hoo time for me!
: sometimes slamming another area of your body counteracts your previous injury, i am glad the pains redistribute and take turns. just don't fall on your butt again. i'd go with the softest wheels for street boarding and softest bushings. i was out cruising on my little indy 109 cutdown, just a little windy...need a wind kite.

I didnt think I would fall so I had no pads on. But thats not bad. Just a little stiff in the ass pumping today. I'd rather have that pain then the freakin knee prob. anyday. That will be gone in a couple days and my pants are well stuffed now lol.

I'm digging the skateboard a lot too! Its #2 on my fun list now. I'm learning how to slalom and use a longboard tomorrow. Its supposed to be 65F I'm stoked! :-D I'm getting some soft bulldog wheels too for my skateboard. Trying to decide between the 79 or 85a bushions so I might get the 79a ones now. We need a video of your dryland windsurfing, sounds FUN! I might have to check that out myself.
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