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So what else should I add?
: Pretty cool chick board. What is the guard over the kingpin? I understand why you have it. I am just curious what you used and how you like it?
: : Yeah, I painted a cartoon bunny on my skateboard lol. I think it needs more color or writing or something. Any ideas? I'm going to put a pink tailbone on it. maybe later bright green rails on it if I get to that. Yep, I like to make stuff!

I'm such a tomboy, sometimes I gotta have a girlie touch lol, I might paint some of the background.

The thing over the truck is a lapper so I can jump on a curb without my truck getting caught up. So far I'm just cruisin and turning and going down some hills. I'm not sure how to olie it yet and honestly not too hot on the kick turns either. I'm digging it and loving building it! The wide/curved deck is incredible. I need to finish the painting before I drill the holes to put it on. I'm also getting a tailbone which I definitely will need since I use that as my brake.

Tomorrow I am checking out the other indoor park which has that 4' bowl. I'm going to work on my back stalls. Wish me luck..... Havent gotten those yet.
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