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h ludi.
Park is rad!
: : : I called going up there since its on the way to the other parks too. He said I could skate but not many skaters go there since its a vert park, no street. So that won me over! He also said its now a full bowl. I'm tired of street parks, its not fun for me.
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: : : There were only 5 guys there. And the bowl was about 4 1/2 feet deep, the spine 6 feet with a 5 foot drop in one section on one side, 6 1/2 the other I think.
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: : : I didnt like the bowl. It was square shaped with super tight rounded corners. They were way too tight and the transitions werent smooth so you basically had to skate it like a half pipe. Even the skateboarders fell trying to carve it. That spine is awesome! No, didnt go over it. But the tranny is steep and FAST. I got 1 foot airs, woo-hoo! Best of all the halfpipe is close to 20 feet long so you can carve it a bit and I was flying in the air out of control, a cross between super girl and Olive Oil style lol. I got to flail all over the place, so fast, so fun. I could skate the whole length of it too, awesome.
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: : : I also dropped in the steepest, and tallest ramp. Pretty much vert. The first time I managed. Got the biggest rush of adrenaline ever lol. I think my heart stopped when I dropped in but I stood there, put my foot on and went for it. Then the guy told me to do it again. I was all shaky and all from the excitement and tight. So I did it again and smacked my ass almost at the bottom. I'm not sure what I did wrong, maybe too tight and not forward enough cause for a split second since its so steep, its like I'm doing an air. Fun but a little scary now. Didnt hurt my butt but the front of my head felt this tightness from the impact and that hurt, wow, how weird! So then I skateboarded awhile. Tried to learn the olie. But my right and left foot only like to do one action simultaneously so it will be awhile til I can figure out how to be coordinated lol.
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: : : Wow, I've never flown so high and fast!! I'm going to be a vert addict, I can tell. Flying in the air made me feel so awesome! The sound of my hard wheels made so much noise, loved it. The bikers and boarders were all cool. Man, great skate!! Now I better learn the back stalls soon cause that would be a great sliding place. 6 1/2 feet, woo-hoo!! :-D I need to figure out why I fell the second time though. Maybe too stiff?
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: : : : Claudine, it depends on what you like to ride. It looks a little small, but that bowl looks like a lot of fun. The mini looks fun, but if you are not used to spines, then it might not be your thing. It can't hurt to check out, if it is not too far away.
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: : : : : I'm checking out 2 videos, all BMX. The guy who told me about this said its not just bikes. No prob. with BMXers but when they fly, I dont want one to land on top of me. Should I go? I will call before I do.... I can do my first spine.
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: : : : :
: : : : :
: : im glad you rolled the indoor park, looks rad, similar to our ring of fire indoor bowl . try the spine, its fun, youll shit it in . keep rolling, h.
: :
: So I need diapers huh lol? I will. I havent done a spine yet and just now doing bigger ramps. I thought of bombe when I skated this. He would have gotten a rad video here!! I have to learn my lip tricks. I could slide for 10+ feet! The outdoor section looks cool too. Lots of vert, speed, air. No dumb rails and flat ramps.

hi, vert is where its at. rails are for people with small wheel syndrome. our indoor park really is called, ring of fire. im not insinuating your incontinent, at all.
happy rolling doesnt mean pack extra toilet paper either.
i sk8ted old knox mini spine today then new knox bowl. we had a good session, before it got hot. then i went home and cooked a b b q. maybe ill need the nappy tomorrow ?
cheers ludi .

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