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tracker skates
Well, I would keep them but I live in a tiny apartment so I only keep stuff I need. And if they can be ridden, I think they should! If my rent werent so high, I would still keep them... But I want to get those soft rainskate wheels and stock up on some truck, etc.

: Collector stuff from famous people, I would keep them anyway!!! Well, if you need money, this can multiply by ten the price!!!!!! I have seen collector skate boards at $400 and they hadn't been ridden by Tony Hawk....
: For pivot cups, as I could'nt find new ones for my old plates, I used 1mm thick leather to make new ones.
: Same for wristgard:
: Cheers
: : : I got the tracker skates. The plate is 3/4" longer then mine from axel to axel. Is this too long? How long is too long? Also the kingpin and axels are a black metal. The kingpin has a touch of rust on the end, thats it. The pivot cups are plastic lol. Bushings are old. What about those leather toe guards? Should I fight for them or sell them? The plates looks like its still one piece. I assume these skates are good since they were supposedly Fred BLoods. He got them from Tim Altec and they were either his or Freds. So comment? Did I score or screw up lol?
: :
: : They are good skates. From the 1970s when tracker midtracks came out. So they dont make those bushings anymore and back then plastic pivot cups were all they had. The black is from being heated so they are stronger. I've decided to sell them, they are too big for me and I'm not a collector. :-( I'll figure out how to cut a plate one day myself.
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