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backside stalls! :-D
Yep, I thought I might never be able to do them but I did a few today. :-D Not great. The coping is low on the bowl so its hard to always really latch on but I got my trucks on there. What I did is start looking behind myself over my shoulder. I know, that should be obvious but I guess I thought I would just know or something lol. But sometimes I miss because my right foot wants to be an inch or two forward so I will hit a wheel. I'm not sure why its hard for me to get my feet even. But my foot isnt so large that there is a much distance between my axels. So I'm stoked! Esp. since I've been sick and today was the first day I was hungry again. So heck yeah, I'm feeling better. I think I have spring fever now, woo-hoo!

But I also tested out those tracker skates. The plate was too long. When its further forward then the base of my toe and behind my heel, I cant put my weight over the trucks right to turn and maneuver like I like. I think my skates are pretty darn perfect! I tested out some 60mm BDS wheels. Well, didnt think this would happen, but they were too grippy? It would grab too much and caused me to fall. So maybe so far my cockroaches are perfect! If I want a touch harder, the type-s will be I"m sure. I like the skinny wheels.

Legs felt weak, couldnt get any good grabs, but hopefully by tomorrow they will be ready to go! My shoulder isnt bothering me much and my knee is feeling almost there. Next Friday my skatepark across the street opens so I'm going to go CRAZY lol! Life will be good!! ;-D
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