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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
non-metal plates plus metal hangers


I'm looking for non-metal plates plus metal hangers. I have some now, but I'm checking what other lightweight combos exist. Variflex plus ACS is a great solution, but neither of these components are currently being manufactured. The company Variflex still exists, but they don't even reply to quad rollerskating inquiries. The company ACS died a long time ago. So what's current?

Does anyone have experience with one of the following systems?

Suregrip Probe, Suregrip Nova, Pacer Resistor (are those also metal (alu) hangers?), Sunlite Double Action. (plate index)

Some of those look great, and aren't very expensive. Now I wonder which systems are sturdy enough for street/vert ("aggressive") ...

What other lightweight rollerskates are currently in production? I think speed plates made of magnesium or/and titanium kingpins and axles are lightweight, but might be too
inflexible ("brittle"(?)) and are expensive.

Carbon fiber for the plates plus aluminum for the hangers seems to be one of perhaps many combos that offer a good pro/con balance.


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