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Any hints on downloading/editing video? Never done it yet. I know how to work my camera already that I just got and I want to see if I look like a mean roller skater like I was told lol. Not sure if I can look mean but we'll see!

Also Robert, I am going to be making some slider gloves for my longboard I'm building. Would it help you to make a video of me cutting the plastic disks? I'm also going to give it a go at cutting the plates and building another set of vert skates. No plans as of now to cut sliders though. I can tape some if it if you think it might help you. Can I edit it and quadruple the speed?

Robert, I'm sure if you got Lisas bars about an inch longer, I can come up with measurements if you need. Just get a blow torch and heat it and bend it in 3 places by banging it on a curb or something til it bends like you like it. I think that would be fun! What do you have to lose? $30?? You will mess up in the beginning possibly. It will just cost you dollars here and there. I've lost a lot of money in projects that failed. Thats all but then you will learn and be able to do your own stuff. Let me know if I can help in any way...... I want a video of you sliding on the coping!!
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