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Rollerskate Videos
: : WOW, you guys are so amazing!! I will be embarassed when I put my videos on on this forum lol. My park opens tomorrow. I'm stoked and those videos have me even more excited! I am feeling like I'm ready to drop in on real vert now. So I guess I just bend knees, put my head down to my knees, relax and go? I hope to get some spins and handplants in this summer and dont hurt myself too much. I was watching this during my class tonight lol, so bad!
: :
: Hey Claydine dont be embarased,I've been skating longer than some of those doods and I never skated that rad,and that was early 90's footage. I'm not embarased at all,just inspired to go and session hard.So go and skate your arse off and remember that you(like the folks in the vids) are an important member of the crew and your knowlege and experience is etched in time on these very forums for us all to share.
: skate hard and stay cool.
: cheers joe

Oh, I'll take videos and post them. Thats the best way I think for me to learn! You guys might get a good chuckle out of me spazing on my skates, thats OK. But now that I can do some tricks, getting respect now at the park. They even know my NAME! LOL. Skatepark across my street just opened up and they were saying, "go ahead Claudine." I get more turns now....Thats cool!!
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