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Help me slide please! ;-D
I'm skating many parks, but the one I skate mostly in this park is just a skatelite halfpipe. 5 feet tall but the bottom is up a couple inches. Nothing interesting, but soon I will post videos of me skating. Certainly within the next month. Still need to figure out my camera and all. Doing too many projects now lol!

Well, I'm just trying to get some tricks down! Nothing is really on quite yet. I'm having fun learning, just a lot of slamming. But I'm a stubborn, determined German. My hip is actually swollen with a pretty bruise lol. I guess I have to take a few days off for it to heal. I have just about finished my awesome longboard so I'll ride that and take my bike out too. Darn, spring is here and I want to skate daily!!

But Robert, you've already done lots of these tricks so it should be easy to get back right? I think the bowls are better for me. I slam less hard and I can even grind on a rare occasion since arcs are easy to do. I wish I didnt bang myself up so much and have to take days off. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll get it!

: Dayam! You are kicking ass! You are doing so many tricks and I can't do shit. I did figure out a new line yesterday that is going to make a huge difference and allow me to keep going as long as my legs can hang. I have never been one to slide, but I would assume you need to approach in a carve and just hope they slide or you slam. Can you take pictures of the different parts of your park? It is hard to picture what you are skating.
: : The park across my street opened. Now its mostly boring to me. The middle section they even lowered most the ramps, mostly flat, some taller quarters so you can launch onto a rail, not really my thing. But the halfpipe is cool. The 5 foot one (just under actually) will be good to learn tricks. The 6" one hits the asphalt. I hate it, its like a brake and its too far between the sides. I'm happy though, can skate almost daily now if I want.
: :
: : So I practiced my tricks. I'm jumping all over the coping now, practically dancing on it. But I cant get my plates to slide for the life of me and I'm DYING to slide. Any help? I think a BIG problem I have is that when I stall, my plates arent that long. This isnt vert. So I think my wheels touch and that puts on the brakes. But I think you are supposed to put your weight opposite side of your skates or something?
: :
: : I did a stall with one foot forward, one to the side. :-D I got a big air where I got my knees up to my chest, but I landed funny and smacked my hip good. Then I did a handplant, smacked my hip good. Did a back stall, smacked my hip good lol, I'm sore, no skate tomorrow. After the first time, I put in 1/2" more pads in, I think I'll be skating with a wide ass for awhile lol. Tricks are fun!
: :
: : I want to do the spine. I know I can do it but chickened out. Not sure how to start yet, guess just do it. When my hip heals...
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