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mounting hockey boots
Well, I"ve been working on skates again all day/all night the last day. Had a battle with mounting bolts getting them out, HOURS literally. My hands are sore and bright red lol. But my tracker plates are off, they are drilled to make it 1/2" shorter. Pretty sure they are straight, but not sure if its less then a mm off if it will matter. Should be close enough! Holes drilled to the t to the mounting bases. I got my plates off my oak street skates too, finally. So now I need to mount them. The sole is plastic. I'm worried the bolts might pull through. Should I get washers from Home Depot? A skate place? If so what type? Or cut tin? Where can I get this? Or other ideas? Yep,, happy girl here!! :-D Not sure if others take this long to make skates but this alone took me hours and hours to do lol. Its kinda fun though, sans mounting bolts lol.
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