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: : : DO NOT put plastic in your pants!! I am such intense pain right now. The sides of the plastic hip hockey piece dug into my muscle on a simple butt slide. I can hardly walk now. I have sharp pains in the muscle if I use it. Kinda like a paper cut where the skin pulls apart but very intense. Just foam!! I'm pretty upset right now, pain, pain, pain.
: :
: : This is funny, I have a third butt cheek, hahahahaha! :-D
: : Its healing.....the swelling is going down slowly and not so much sharp tearing pains.
: Bummer,,a real pain in the ass,,no butts about it.
: cheers joe

lol, whats funny is trying to hide it from my boss. She would give me shit if she found out. But my ass goes on fire if I dont keep putting ice on it. Lucky me I have jeans too big to stuff it down, just if someone comes to the door where I have to go open it, I have to hide reaching down my pants to pull out my ice pack out hahahahaha. So far she doesnt know! :-D 3rd days the charm right? I said I wanted a bigger ass, not a swollen one! Its not too painful now. Guess its a hematoma. Its not getting any bigger at least. I dont know what to do but rest, ice, etc. blah blah blah. Think if I stand on my head and stick it up in the air that would help???? Or would my face swell up big lol?
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