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Think I found my answer for hip pads
Claudine, those look really cool. I am realizing that trying to prevent injuries is worth a lot. I recently bought a heating/cooling pad and realized I needed two more. I need to heat my quads before streching and ice them when I get home. I have serious tendonitis in my quads and it is F'n painfull. It is funny how we priortize things or put a price on things. I used to go to the bar every weekend and spend $100 and then I am cheap with things that really matter. Claudine, you hip issue seems to be a pretty challenging issue for you. I wonder if you might be able to change your technique a litte so that you don't fall on your hip? To me, hippers are from straightening your legs too much, your legs just giving out, or approach? Although I suck, if I win the lotto I will fly out there and help you out. Didn't you say you got a camera with video? If so, ask a friend at your park to video you at least one run every session. Post those vids and get some feedback. I love videos.

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: : : I got a tailbone pad thats incredible awhile ago. Now I just need to find a sturdy pair of shorts, velcro this in. Much cheapier then dead dog shorts.
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: : Looks very good, althoug a tad expensive. But maybe it's even denser than the stuff I have, that would justify the price. Seems that you finally found a source for some serious stuff!
: All the shorts cost here $80, so its cheap in comparison. Worth the cost if it means I dont have to take a layoff. No skating 1 week and counting, I'm sad! I still have a hematoma, stiffness, but no pain now.
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