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Lyon 2008
Western Europe is small compared to USA so it's maybe easier. You are true for train in France: Paris/Lyon is 2h by train and Paris/Marseille is now 3h10 for 1000km. Problem here is to find an indoor vert, Lyon the last one in France and it will be down too soon. This let some indoor verts in Germany/Switzerland/Belgium/Netherlands to try, but it takes more time to reach them! Well at least we still have nice outdoor verts.
Hope one day we can meet in USA/Europe or why not in Australia!!!!! (need to borrow some bucks...)


: I am jealous. It seems easier for you Europeans to get together than us Americans. You have better transportation and everything seems pretty close. I loved taking trains. I loved my time in Europe. I skate with some legends and at the time did not know anything about them except they were cool.
: : Thanks Buba!!! Hope next time I can stay longer so I can try to speak spanish (I understand it quite well, but I still tend to put french/english words). This year easter holidays are end april/beginning may, and I had to work during true (snowy) easter week .....
: :
: : Cheers
: :
: : : In this photo are Borja, Bombe and you, Zorg. In this moment I hoped my rollerīs,Who were travelling by Lyon.(je je)
: : : I hope that in 2009 my english is more good!!!!!!
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