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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
made the butt pads :-D
OK, took me a long time but these will work! I might need to make the hip pads more narrow, but its easy to make the smaller, I cant make them larger. Not enough material.

I made it a 2 piece thing. The hip pads obviously attach with velcro to the sides inside the pants. There is a tailbone piece, no plastic, but its double thick where it needs to be cause I hurt it once and dont want to do it again and the one I had from them was built this way. It works and I made the edges 45 degrees so it will blend in better and fold better on the edges next to my other pads. I used the softer foam from the crash pads for the sit bone area. Easier to bend, thats why. The foam I got isnt flexible enough to be comfortable there. The hip pads go to the back and will be loose exactly like the dead dog shorts to give me room to move.

I think this will be a winner!
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