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Robert (videos by Robert) (pictures by Robert)
The 11' backyard pool style kidney is perfect and is by far the best skatepark pool that SoCal has probably ever seen. The shallow is 7' and with fairly mellow transitions which leads into the 32' diameter 11' with 2' of vert deep end. There is a death box in the deep and 2 concrete steps with tiles in-between that are extremely rippable and do not hinder lines throughout the pool. The tile is black and the coping is set perfectly!! Witnessing Kevin Staab blast a 6' to 7' backside ollie in this thing tells all - need I say more.

Check it out:

: Hey Robert,,the bowl in the vid you posted up last week,,do you know the depth of it.It looks a very nice bowl,very simular to our Frankston bowl wich is 8" and 11" in the deep end.
: cheers joe
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