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Where are the T-shirts
Awesome. I was just joking and did not know you were really working on something. Maybe you should just put a picture of my face and it could say old rollerskater. lol What's up with looking for a new job? I think I will be doing the same in a couple of months.

: : Claudine, I am waiting for my Vert Rollerskating T-Shirt. Where are they? : )
: Sorry, I hope to finish up the images this weekend, including Dukes. I'm totally not happy with the colors except for Brians. But I might make some more graphic/cartoon like images. Just I'm working extra hours, looking for a new job which takes a lot of time and 2 1/2 weeks left of class. Robert, I'm tried lol! But yes, they will be done. I'll check again into that t-shirt place. But I think I want a new name. Sorry, but I want it not to include inliners also in the name. I get so much flack from them asking me when I'm getting some real aggressive skates, I'm just proud to be a ROLLERSKATER!!
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