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Ideas on how to upgrade these...
: I like the idea of being able to skate in your sneakers.
: Makes it easy if you wanna skateboard, too. Or for shopping around town.
: I thought about using real small snowboard bindings.
: The inline could be modified easily into rollerskates, but it's costly. $$$
: got ideas?

Are you thinking a roller skate plate or probably skateboard trucks?
If its a rollerskate plate, cut/mount to an old board, add snowboard bindings. Make it a nice rectangle. If you use skateboard trucks, I would think skis would be good to cut, or I found out its not that hard to cut sheet metal that 0.032" thick. Make one for each side and good hardwood in the center. Dont think its really necessary to glue it. can wait and I'll let you know again if that guy puts on those tracker plates with the bindings on them for $400 lol.

New project, sounds fun!!
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