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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Video Conversion-Tech Questions
: Would you know the name of the hardware that does this type of conversion?
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: : : I'm only guessing that it would be something similar to a tv tuner card in your computer. Bern and Tobi are both programmers. They might know.
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: : That's right. Those cards often function as video grabbers, too.
: Q: What type of file format works for you guys? Or, what type of file can you view? I can try to get the video footage converted into something you can view. If it's too large to email, I can send it to you all on a CD. Does it have to be cross platform, or do you have a preference for Mac or PC?

Neither. I have a Linux box. Mpeg should be supported best across platforms. Quicktime would be nice but is a headache to get to work on Linux (no, I haven't got it).
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