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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Back to skating!
: : : Yesterday was my first skate day in a month. I'm still injured, but the swelling has gone down some, the pain is almost gone and there is some flexibility. I just rolled easy in a parking lot with a nice small hill. It was AWESOME! I hope to heal more to try landsdowne next week and hopefully the bowls the week after. I'm sure it will be a month before I can do any lip tricks again but really happy to roll again.
: : :
: : : I rode my longboard first and can do some kickturns now while rollin. That Vew-Do board is very helpful! But still not as comfy on the board as my skates. I run off it if it gets going too fast where my skates, no problem! But I love those randall trucks!! They are so turny. Just get wobbly when I start to go fast but I need to learn how to control speed wobbles better or tighten them down?
: : :
: : : Then I spent most my time on my new street/vert roller skates. They skate incredibly well! I'm very happy with them. :-D Just a little squeaky so I think I need to add oil to the new pivot cups, what type? Did some slalom and laps, raced a bit. My hip is a touch stiff and swollen today but seems OK. I think I will roll 3 times a week now til its healed. I"m dying to roll the bowls again but happy just to roll.
: :
: : Glad to hear you're rollin again!
: : Stretch and massage that lump outta yur butt ;-)
: Pray for sunshine tomorrow afternoon! I might sneak over to the skatepark across the street cause those flat ramps arent nutin right lol? ;-D
: Crap, I'm an addict! I'm feeling the 360s, soon, real soon, handplants, back stalls, wanna slide the coping too. My legs are bouncing lol. Shoot, no more plastic up my a$$ hahahaha! Actually, its not funny....... Its down to a small plum now but I think it will still take time to disappear. I like my new war pads though. :-D

good to hear your up and rolling, youll have to give up on the greek style skating though, you know, rolling around on your bum.
take care and just ease back into it, longboarding is good, ive been at it as well, bombing hills and carparks.
it would be good to devise some sort of airbag for the skateshorts.
anyway welcome back and cheers for now . h.

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