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Back to the bowl!
Finally went back to the bowls! YIPEE!!!!!!! Full butt armor too lol. Still a lump but it doesnt hurt and there is no tightness. But the first time I dropped in I freaked soon after dropping in and had to bail the other side. It took me awhile to losen up. Mentally I was so afraid of falling/reinjury it was hard to keep my body lose. I had to start really slow. But I worked on carving, got to roll into the big bowl, did a few stalls, airs and grabs. Thats all. I didn't think I would do all that!! I got some nice arcs in the big bowl since I'm trying to stay on top the whole way around. It was soooooooooo fun! I'm so darn tired now. I'm sitting at home and I can't move lol. Maybe its time for my nap lol? How can I recover in the next hour so I can take my bike out for a spin? All this sitting from injury has me now wanting to play all day. ;-D My upper body is weak again now too. Any good hints on getting strong again for handplants in 2 weeks lol? I guess do inversions at home? I cant wait!! If you have hints on how to fall on handplants and back stalls without smacking my hips, please tell!

OK, I will try a video of me rolling next weekend. Nothing big, just a lot of goofy happy smiles and carves with a few airs and stuff like that. Diapers and all lol!
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