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Grinding today
: : : : I had a fun day today at the Pedlow Skatepark.
: : : :
: : : Awesome Robert! Thats how I do it too. Just one foot rolls over the coping and I hear this cool sound. :-D Nothing fancy like Lisa does yet. I'm not sure how to get 2 feet on there. Sometimes I can pick one foot up a bit. I wanted to skate today but at my dinky park I would have wanted to try the spine or get on the halfpipe. So I rode my bike and was hoping to get caught by the speed radar lol.
: :
: : thats the way. nice clean style. keep it up mate.
: : joe and i rolled franger sun morn. we were concentrating on grnding as well, i like the feel and noise of 4 indys rubbing on concrete coping. some of our moss guys have drilled flints into their trucks and when they grind at night it really gives off lots of sparks, looks great.
: : cheers h .
: :
: i love the sound of grinding pool coping...yeah

Theres a section at Greenbelt when you go up, there is a ledge by the fence that starts at the ground. But its uneven! Nothing covering it, some chips and all in the concrete. Boarders grind up it. Think I can? I'm not sure my dinky trucks can handle the rough stuff. Gosh, I'm all reared up to go hard with my skates and try new stuff! I just got my medical card. :-D I wonder if my hip is a preexisting condition or not lol. But they probably cant help it anyway.
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