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: OK, I'm on the roll to doing this. I'm not as flexible as I used to be so its time for a change. I used to be able to grab my hands behind my back. Now I cant and now I have an itchy spot back there in the one inch I cant reach lol. And I can only sit on my heels now when I knee down on the floor and sit on my heels, used to be able to sit all the way past my heels on the floor with my feet just to the side. My knees have gotten tight. Seems like my quads, below my knees, inner thighs and hamstrings all need help. I found these 2 stretches. Please feel free to add more links! I think all us should be doing some of this. I like the yoga ones cause just touching my toes does nothing for me.
: Pigeon Pose
: Camel Pose (do this one!)

I guess no one is into stretching. I was hoping for some motivation.
I know my hamster stretches alot every day and nite. She's good enuff to make me STREEEETCHEEE. just do it...
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