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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
: Congrats, that is awesome news.
: : I got a new JOB!!!!! No more moody boss and no benefits, no sick, no vacation, no paid holidays. :-D I'm going to be an illustrator and designer of kites, flags and spinners, etc. More realistic illustration. Did I mention GOOD BENEFITS!?
: :
: : I just got my medical but the job I have its so expensive I cant afford it. I got photos of my hematoma. Its a pretty blood clot. My Dr. told me not to land on it. Sure I will have a big bill still from it confirming what I already know. I guess I can live 4 more months now without medical lol.

sounds like youve landed on your feet, from what i hear your already passionate about art, now being well paid for it is a bonus.
so now you can get back into the bowl and for christs sake, be carefull.
joe and i just got home from seeing stiff little fingers play their first gig in melbourne town.
im telling you that was worth waiting 30 yrs for. im still pumped. ill be rolling box hill bowl later this morning with ears still ringing. cheers for now h .

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