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big bowl
: : : : I mostly carved the big bowl but I tried for grabs. Second photo is how I hurt myself. I land 2/3rds down the bowl and put my arm out so I wouldnt slam on my hip. I still landed on my hematoma and now I have a sprained forarm. Help? I think I'm going to have to delay vert until I can not hurt myself so much.
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: : : Sh* only advice ... the higher you get, you must remember the wall is your friend. It will help you slide down and not freefall to the flat bottom. In a way, vert is safer once you figure out the falling/sliding. With stuff under 6 feet, you just fall to the flat. It's good the skateboard then, you can just hit eject.
: : : Ice, ice, sleep with ice. Wrap it, rest it. Take care and recover quickly.
: :
: : thanks, my thumb is hard to move. Today I turn in my 2 weeks notice and probably will get fired cause of my arm
: hang in there, dont ever give up. you know every knock is a boost. sk8 within the envelope for a bit. stuff the boss, someone as talented as you will have no trouble finding work.
: keep those padded sk8 shorts on, we dont want you to end up with a bum like a babboon at the zoo, sorry, didnt mean to be cheeky.
: cheers h.
I got an inch of foam in those shorts already hahahaha. I'm not quitting! Just need to learn to fall. Its almost just one year me skating ramps. I have a lot to learn. I'm happy at what I've managed to do in just under a year. I have my eyes and ears open for any hints on how to fall better! Not sk8n is worse then the injury pain.
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