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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
me skating!
: : : : Here are photos of me skating! My camera delays 2 sec. on taking the photo so some are after my tricks. Just stalls, airs and grabs, but having fun! Sorry if I post too many but this is my first time gettting me skating the bowl, my biggest love!
: : : :
: : : : I think this was a stall?
: : :
: : : Very cool, sooo stoked! Roll on, roll strong... ;-)
: : :
: : good to see you going strong, looks like you know what your doing.
: : i agree with irene about bailing, land up high and slide it out on your knees.
: : by the time you get to the bottom, it just looks like your praying to mecca, then you get up and do it all over again.
: : keep up the good work, be carefull and roll happy.
: : cheers h.
: :
: :
: I am already dying to skate vert and my arm is aching like mad! This is the first scary injury since its hard for me to work/type/write. What do I do if I am landing sideways/forward? I seem to be hurting myself a lot from falling wrong on the bigger bowls. Do I pull in my arms and roll? I hope this is the last time I hurt my arm! I think I'll be ready again in 3 weeks, bummer so long. Gosh, must be insane to love this this much!! Every photo has me smiling. Well, good thing, the slam on my hip busted my hematoma, no more lump!!!! Just a touch swollen. Now THAT will be healed in no time, YIPPEE! :-D Yeah I'm an addict already.

ok, when you bail its important to twist or roll around and slide it out on your kneepads and wristgaurds. some of our m o s s guys even just jump in the bowl and do this as a warm up exercise, eventually it becomes second nature and will allow you to boost your confidence.
joe 90 has developed the best controlled landing ive seen, he drops 1 leg to the knee, slides down, then springs back up and fakies out of trouble, and usually keeps rolling.
the only downside to this is 1 sk8 is like new and the other has the toe worn away.
ive been back rolling aprox 2 yrs now, i sk8 conservatively usually, but sometimes i give it my all .
just keep practising, good on you, cheers h .

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