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Brian (pictures by Brian)
I received this email several months ago and wrote him back promptly. I have not heard a word since and the email address no longer works. Brian,
I found your web site after looking up some skating sites on the net and I
am impressed. You have done well with your skating tricks. I am glad you
learned them. I too would like to see skating come back. I am Michael Bright
originally from Venice, Cal. I am one of the originally roller skaters,
first on the beach then in the pools. We all began skating about 1974 with
boards and then changed to roller skates in 1977. Fred Blood, Duke René and
I. We all came from Carson Skatepark and we skated for Sandy and Jon Seaman
(the Owner). We all skated near Hermosa beach then too. We all competed in
Del Mar in 1978 and many other contests including the Dog Bowl in Marina Del
Ray etc... I toured with Pepsi in 1979 and took on a U.S. Tour from New York
to Arizona. Lot's of fun.

I would like to see you take back bowl skating. I am 42 years old now and
very much alive. If Tony Alva can still skate so can I.

Keep up our traditions,
- Mike

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