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last try my funny!
: Great!!! Wonder how you landed.... It reminds me some of my own bad ass landing on the coping....grinding with between the 9th and 10th wheels....ouch
: Have fun
: : this pic cracks me up, one foot stall sidestance style lol.
I think I took a knee lol! This bowl had nice coping but sucked for speed. Even my friend skated it really slow. It has a nice waterfall going down into the bowl, get a little air, but going up it really is a speed drag! I couldnt get on top the coping. I tried to carve the lip instead but that didnt get me flyin either. In Greenbelt, I fly on top but the coping is low so sometimes I dont latch on well. I'm kinda a klutz still with coping tricks. Of course I got a big lump on top of my head walking under an 18 wheeler this morning going to work so maybe I'm going through my klutzy stage still lol.

Well wasnt trying to skate crab style but I guess I succeeded! :-D
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