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a question on pumping
: My skateboarder buddy always swings his arms back, palms facing back, then swings them forward while carving around the lip. Is this how to go faster? I just squat and push up through the curve, but would be nice to get more speed.

You have to find the optimal way to push. The arms can help to to gain speed, but I always imagined that you referred to erratic arm movements when you talked about "spazing" (Btw, a Spatz means sparrow in German).

: I can post another picture showing this cause he always does this but I think I overposted on pics, so sorry Bernhard!

I first read "overexposed" and couldn't find the pic to be overexposed. I got your meaning only on second reading. No, you didn't overpost. No one did till now.

: You are awesome!!

You, too! Congrats on your new job! And learn to bail on your knee pads. We always suffer from reading about your slams.
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