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new rad board
: Hey Claudine,
: congrats to your price! It's alway nice to get some kind of recognition, isn't it?
I won it with the raffle lol. There arent any competitions for rollerskaters that I know of, arent any serious ones in this area but me. They will let me show off and skate at them at least. :-D I tried to get another roller buddy it didnt work out since my one friend I think only skates the flat street ramps. So I ended up joining in with the old school skateboarders. I am very well liked/accepted with the skateboarders!! I'm the oldest female ripper around this whole area. There is one other skateboarder in her early 30s ripping and I was pretty stoked skating with her once. I'm glad I finally found a place I fit in and I never get put down cause of my skates. WHen I first started, I skated at my local park thats mostly a street set up and the inliners gave me a hard time. I also get it ironically from the rink-disco quad skaters who think roll lines are all that and only that, even for beginners lol. I will never ever own one, thats for sure!!!!! I've given up now trying to spread my knowledge to them on how to skate quads outdoors. Least I tried.....

But yep, now I feel special!! I love my new board. I hope I can take it to the street in another 2 weeks but I'm treating this injury as a fracture since I cant rotate my arm still so I cant chance anything too early.
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