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pro-designed vs. hillbilly half-ass gloves
I have tiny bones. The circumference of my wrist is only over 5".. I am talking to wild bill about the guards and beefing up my elbow pads cause I will never put out my arm again. I will roll on my elbows.

I am going to continue my old medical coverage. I found out I could but it wont start for another month. I am trying to figure out a way I can work a second job so I dont end up hungry and/or homeless in the process and lose my family. If my boyfriend doesnt help me out hes history. But I am going to try to wing it. I took odd jobs in college. I"m a tough girl! I hope potato chips are good for healing since some days I live off the free ones at work lol.

: I am most likely no help, because my comment is that I do not recommend wrist guards. I feel that learning how to roll w/ a fall is very important. Wrist guards have ALWAYS hindered my hand movement. How many times have you ever fallen, only to feel like you have no control over the fall because of the wrist guards??
: I think instead, you should use padded gloves with the finger tips open. That allows some protection, while still allowing full use of your hand. Unless you have a history of weak wrists that need some more serious protection, then gloves are the choice.
: On another note...What on Earth did you do to yourself! It sounds bizarre! If I were you, I'd do whatever it takes to get the proper medical care, even if it means borrowing money from every last friend &/or relative that you've got!! Money can always be had again......but good health cannot.
: Cheers!
: Biffsk8er
: : I like the HB since they cover the upper part of the hand. But can you flex that plastic piece under the wrist? That is my concern. In the PD, there is a slight flex that most the black ones do not have at all. My hired hands its really rigid and placed so that a bad fall it will go into the soft tissue.
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: : Today I am not in pain. I hope this heals enough to skate soon but I am terrified of the guards I have now. I think something in my wrist/forarm area was ripped. My hand is turning inward naturally and it feels like something should be holding it in place and allowing me to rotate it out. This sucks but I am now trying to figure out how to do a one handed handplant. I guess if I have to use my left hand I have to turn left? If so I need to practice being good going left on my skates when I return.
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: : : I use the Hilly Billy and like them. I did not like the feel of the PD's. Although, the PD's probably protect more agains a broken wrist.
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: : : : Any comments? I was at the skatepark and the guy had pro-designed. The plastic was flexible so that it wouldnt cut into my arm if I had a bad fall. I have a rigid hard black plastic piece in these hired hands which caused me more injury. I am not sure but I might never get back movement in my arm again, I'm very worried. My hand is twisted inward and not really getting any more movement back. I dont know what the symptoms are of a full rupture of a tendon or ligament, but I read without medical care I can be disabled perminently. Since it wasnt swollen much, I dont think its this severe but I dont know for sure. I miss skating a lot anyhow and if the pain goes away I want to roll and hopefully find something safer.
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