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grab ideas to practice on a mini trampoline?
Sorry, I'm pretty bored. I have only one channel that works on my TV and I hate it and have energy out the whazoo. But I have a mini trampoline thingy, pretty small but enough to jump on. Not super bouncy which sucks but its ok. I got on it and my arm tingled weird, but I could jump for a bit. I practiced a few "grabs" on it but I dont know many. Just the tuck jump one where you grab your feet/skates and kicking my heels to my butt. Any sites to show me some pics of different ones so I can sorta practice something? Nothing super crazy since I dont want to fall. Cant jump for long but it was the best fun of the day! Sometimes my arm really hurts, others its ok so trying to move a bit when its ok.
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