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: Good onya mate,glad to here your moving up,we have Praran ramp here at about the same height and steel,,big and beautiful.Up in Sydney they have monster ramp at 14+(local legend Rollerball tears this place up)but I find it hard work for my 5'4"height.If you search on youtube under monster you'll find footage by roller ball of him ripping and me struggling.Look forward to seeing your next vids.
: cheers joe
: : yayaya lucky skater!!!! Enjoy that vert!!!!!
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: : : Hi all,
: : :
: : : I just moved to San Diego last week and love it here. My local park is Encinitas. They have an x games ramp and it is huge. I was told this thing is 13.5 feet high with two feet of vert. I skated monday and yesterday. On monday, I was too afraid to drop in. I dropped in yesterday and it was damn scary. I am so stoked though because it is the same type of ramp I skated 16 years ago. The transitions are huge and slow and I will soon be doing flips. Wish me luck.

Take it slow and easy buddy! Congrats tho!! Post some vids when you are comfortable.

Joe, I'm just over 5 feet tall so every ramp seems huge to me lol.
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