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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Robert's looking amazing!
: Thanks for the encouragement. I went today, but was just too tired to really skate. I got on the skateboard for a few runs on the mini and did some kickturns on the big ramp. Once I feel in shape, I will start my quest to do some real tricks. I don't think layback airs and flips are out of the question. I just need to get rid of the wobbly legs and start hitting it hard.

with wobbly legs, i hope you havent been hitting it hard.
ok ,enough joking. you are doing well and by the look of it also spoilt with terrain. keep up the good work.
cheers, h .

: : : : Hey Robert, I think you are looking pretty good! :-D I wish I had video of myself doing my handplants late this winter. I think you are rising higher now. Its going to be awhile, but I will get them back after I get fixed up. I love the huge halfpipes since you can kinda carve them too. There is one indoor one that I went too and it was super fast. I got some great airs on it too. It was so fast, that was the one I got the headache from when I slammed my bum lol. I will return for awhile to the little ones til I can handle the falls well. I tried on my bf's PD elbows and gloves. I think the standard ones will work ok cause they wrap around pretty well so they shouldnt spin around. I hope he can cut them 1/2 in shorter since they hit the gloves on me. I love his wrist guards. The plastic at the end goes outward so there is no way it would dig into my arm. Plus the straps are perfect to keep the wrist from rotating. I will be back rippin one day.... I think you look better each video. Awesome going Robert
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: : : Agreed, you look as comfy as a pig in shit there mate,nicely done.
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: : : cheers joe
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: : : : : Hi all,
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: : : : : I went to my new local park today. I have gone four days this week and am loving the huge halfpipe. I am taking it really slow and should progress in the next couple of sessions. This video has a really tame run of me and I also filmed my buddy's 8 year old kid. I guess a ton of pros come to my park and I was able to video Neil Hendricks. This guy rips so hard. When I was leaving Andy Mac and a few other pros showed up. You have to check this guy out. He is amazing.
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