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I might do something stupid
: : I wanna rollerskate, BAD! Any help? *sniff-sniff* :`(
: :
: : The craving is high..... Thinking the worse thing that could happen is that my forearm rebreaks, which will happen in 2 weeks anyway.
: Looks like I might be able to go to the rink on a quiet Thurs night. My boyfriend will put on rollerskates for the first time since a kid and hopefully he will kungfu any kids that try to run me over lol.

I'm in one piece and a happy rollerskater! So folks, tell me, what else can I do to burn this energy? I think running would kill my knee. It was fun tho. The guys at the rink, noone knows how to bend their knees lol. No wonder they cant roll outside. Either its me or the skateboard wheels but I zoomed by everyone without even trying. No tricks, no spinning, no sidestance skating even, I was a good girl for a hoodlum!
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