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Today and Encinitas
Looking good Robert! :-D

Hey is that pool coping that goes in an inch? I'm terrified to drop in on that. I hope one day I am healed and Irene can come down here and show me how its done.

At the competition today some of the guys did stuff like 2 board transfers in vert, 540 and 540 FLIPS, I think I missed that one on video, major bummer, and miller flips. Did you used to do those? If so point me to a video. It was like a one handed handplant but he flipped himself around. I think this is out of my ballpark but it would be cool to see how its done. I can do one handed pushups now. So I will do inverts again, one day. One guy there said I might need a plate in my arm. Then he said his wrist was so mest up and fine now that he has no doubts they can still fix me up. :):):):) I will just return with better protection and more caution. I wish I could get a little rush going somehow still lol

: I had a really fun session today. I skated the combi pool for the first time. I never skated it because I did not want to drop into the shallow end. Today, I decided to drop into the deep end. It was very hard to learn a line and this is where I am at so far. The skateboarders were older guys that were really cool.
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