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torrance vert sk8rs
Thanks for contributing! Karen Rennie and I have been emailing and I hope to get out there in July. It would be so great to session with rollerskaters. I also sidesurf (a term I don't hear often) and started skating around 1980, with only a few magazine photos of fred, duke and jimi scott to admire in those days. There is book out: "The Answer is Never" by Jocko Weyland, a skateboarder's history of the world. It's written by a skater friend who does an excellent job of going down memory lane for any skater 30 or older. He mentions rollerskating as part of that history. A read you will enjoy. There is a history with you guys, as this book lightly touches upon. Have you heard of a rollerskater in San Diego named Papo? He was the only other one in NY. I hope to hear more about the goings on with torrance vert sk8rs. Keep us posted!
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