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Wow Robert, you have to get video! I'm so jealous. Its been a long time for me. Just dont push it too much too fast like me lol. AWESOME dude!!

: Two weeks ago I dropped into our 13.5 ft X-games ramp and now I am feeling very comfortable doing it on a regular basis. This weekend I dropped into our combi pool and figured out a pretty descent line. Today, I joined a lot of pros and really good skaters on the halfpipe. I guess it was just finally time and I tried my first front flip in sixteen years. The first one sucked really badly and I hit my head and slammed. The second one was pretty good, but I did not land it. I am stoked because I am finally at the point to start trying my old tricks. If I can stay healthy, then my skating is about to improve a lot. I think I am finally mentally ready. I plan on doing front and back flips along with layback airs int he next few weeks. Wish me luck.
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