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medical insurance sucks!
: : I'm going to change my Dr after I get the new insurance. But urgent care would be covered as the same? Then I could go after work! Well, least my arm will be looked at on Tues.
: :
: : : You should also check into urgent care. I go all of the time instead of a regualar doctor and they usually treat it as a doctors visit and I just pay my copay.
: : :
: : : : I FINALLY reached the insurance company after a week of calling and getting cut off by answering machines. I was told to go to the ER. Glad I called. Unless its life threatening, ER wouldnt have been covered. So now I have a Dr apt which is covered. I"m not sure other countries are like this but I am going to call/ask and be on hold for an hour if I have to to find out what the lame rules are.
: hang in there tough mumma, it sounds like your finally on the road to recovery, keep cool.
: every time i try something gnarly, i give you a quick thought,
: good luck , cheers , h .
Thanx for thinking of me. I wish this werent so expensive, I'm so hungry right now my head is spinning and pounding. It will get better.
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