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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
I love your pics!
Hi Lisa,

: I never heard of any other women vert rollerskaters.

it's true: There are even fewer women than men. I remember at least two. Of Ellen Fischer I have pictures from the Green Ramp Jam 1992. I hope to be adding another Green Ramp Jam page to this site some time.

: I have only been doing it for about six months, but I love it . I ride parallel stance, but I started doing side stance just last week. I am working on transition and riding fakie in the ramp. It is like learning to ride all over again...(fakie)

You really seem to enjoy it. That's great! I have been ramp skating today, too. I was on a small ramp in Buchenbach (see picture).

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