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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
saw a pro skateboarder
: never seen a pro sk8 but Mike Valely came to SE DC for more taping of his skatepark tour. It was odd watching him enter 5 times to get it right, kinda takes away from the natural/free/impulsive part of skating that i love tho. But it was an incredible session. i learned a lot too. even the pro would rock gently the shallow section to get a feel for the coping first before pushing some tricks and "entering" the skatepark. it was pool coping so took a few runs for even the pro to lock on. i was told to just carve a bowl when ever you sk8 a new bowl since every one rides different wh/ i didn't do before i hurt myself. so even the pros do that.
: i am disappointed in the image they set for the kids tho, noone wore a helmet. i feel thats irresponsible since kids think that is cool and many will have serious to perminent damage from following that. but my bf got in on some taping and was ripping good so he might be in on the tape. me too but i will be the one with my arm on top the fence. but if i ever rip in a pro video, i will be in full gear still cause MY helmet is cool i think lol. i offered Mike V. big bucks for his massive forearm (dont have any tho lol/) which i am most envious of, esp. after seeing him do inverts, but he said his was mest up too. I hope mine will perform half as well! I researched the break tho, its very serious. 4-6 months to heal and 1-2 yrs for full strength back. Thats a loooong time! i just hope to sk8 again and will paint again soon to help to pass the time. i am missing sk8 a lot. this week i get my cast on and hope to hear the new bone is taking and hope to work 4 days this week. i think its healing good cause i get these serious growing pains, very achy, so its doing its thing i guess. next week is another competition, hope to tape some but everything is made for rt, handers.

good to hear your on the mend, and sounds like your in high spirits already. i thought youd come good quickly.
my 13 yr olds favourite sk8ter is mike vallely.
luke has an original vall, the one with the red elephant underneath, he loves that board. did you talk with him much? + pics? we would like to see that.
a year out of the bowl hey, like hell, im tipping youll be back at it inside of 3 months.
i take my youngest, rory to the rink each sat morn. its not as good as the bowl, but we both enjoy it none the less, he is improving each time. you could do the same in the meantime, its still good fun. the sk8ters there spin out at my wide sk8tes. last week we encoureged a blader to check out the nearby knox bowl with us and when she saw how we roll vert she became very interested in having a go.
cheers for now, h .

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