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Claudine, you beat me
: I skated on and off for sixteen years and never broke a bone. Of course, I ended up breaking my elbow doing a trick I never fell on and just four months getting back into skating. Just think, you got it out of the way and hopefully it will never happen again. I think you will be rolling in three months. It sucks being hurt, but the worst is behind you and you will get better soon. Maybe next time around you should invest in AFLAC. It costs me $48/month, but I like the piece of mind.

well i wasnt in competition to break myself lol, just pull off a sweet handplant! i will ask the dr. tomorrow if my bones look healthy, hope so. this surgery is still pretty new i think so not sure how quick the recovery is. just glad the graft isnt from my own hip cause i read the hip pain from that lasts years. tell me more about aflac. something to consider later when i pay off my debts and have a few spare bucks. just saw on tv how US is pretty much the only wealthy country that doesnt take care of its own. many have no insurance or under insured to where they cant use it. all full time hard working, non sutstance abusers, good citizens with no records. people work every day of their life and walk around blind since they cant afford vision even, much less untreated cancer.. thats sad.
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