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an hour of happiness
: i know i look like an ass but i dont care. i think the best chance of my arm healing is to be happy. i have to play it safe tho. was at an all day sk8board jam today. i dont have a car now and no way to leave the house so this was my 1st weekend out the apt. i wanted to roll so i started sitting on a board and rollin. it was so fun and found most speed if i used my good hand to push so i put my glove on and helmet so i wouldnt get in trouble and rolled all over the place. i guess some of the kids thought it looked like fun too since they gave it a go. later i rolled down a few mellow ramps but i have no idea how to pump sitting on my butt lol. i look stupid but im happy here wh/ is 1st time in a long time. i see dr. mon. and hope its not time for another surgery. ive eaten healthy foods, nothing too bad and trying now to keep my spirits up. today less pain, guess work is toughest on me.

haahaha, just a mellow ramp. i won the trooper award. so i guess i am on my way to planning my geriatric sk8 machine.
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