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Hot LaWa 08
thanks for the info! i much enjoyed the sliding. not many metal ramps here prob. cause they get really hot but makes me think latr i might prefer harder wheels. that would be good since they dont make mt 96a wheels i love now and i cant stock up on them now like i hoped. 4 now i feel safer w/ some grip to my wheels.

: : my computer jammed up after 17 mins but loved the vid! is that a metal ramp? its been steaming hot here, even concrete will burn ur hands now so metal would b too hot now. that seems to slide better tho and fast.
: The ramp is a metal constructions with wooden bars forming the transition and a surface of 3 mm steel plates on top of that. It's build by the Swiss company Vertical.
: : were those some rollersk8rs?.
: There was one roller skater present (besides me). He didn't participate on Saturday but on Sunday when we did a Best Trick contest with those riders who still where there.
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