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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
My Fav Pic from RollerCon 08
Hey Jay,,awsome shot mate,thanx for sharing.

cheers joe

: : : : JayTheRollerSkater,Duke Rennie,Hollywood SK8 Park,Las Vegas NV
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: : : : Me & Duke in the vert half @ Hollywood SK8 Park Las Vegas NV...USA
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: : : sweet pic, nice handplnt! hope 2 doing thaat 1 day again since its so fun.
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: : Thanks. we have ALOT of really NICE concrete parks here in Vegas. I skate here at least once usually twice a week @ 1 of our parks in Town. I'm trying to get more REAL Skaters ot for next year's RollerCon SK8 Park's a Must-See Event for RollerSkaters!....I'll post more pics soon....putting videos on several on there from this year's RC.....
: : PEACE,
: : Jay
: i really enjoy the pics/vids! i hope 2 one day sk8 there, sweet bowls. but mayb in deep debt a long time from injury. we have some nice bowls here but i have yet 2 see another vert rollersk8r in person sk8. i learn from boarders. was nice 2 meet a cool blader who rips bowls frontstance in bowls too. i sk8 board some also but u hold body upright and sit down on board, rollersk8s very different, its down and forward on vert so i have noone much 2 look at w/ how to learn. so i think thats why i busted my arm on vert but i guess i will learn my own unique style.
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