Vertical Rollerskating


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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Old video
: I am sure I posted this a while back, but I just send it to SureGrip to see if I might get involved in bringing back our sport. This is from 1992 and I just switched to inline skates once I got sponsored. Not the best skating, but it brings back good memories.

thats rad, you do miller flips same as me.
ill bet your blades are in the shed gathering dust now.
hows your skating going? hope your having as much fun as us.
last weekend beanstalk came down from sydney and rolled with joe and me, we had a ball.
i believe billfromoz posted some pics on o m a .
ive been longboarding in a factory carpark with the moss crew today. my son rory made his debue on his new l/board and did o k.
cheers for now, h .

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