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: Yea Matt was a mate of Rollerballs and beanstalks and they are working on him to get back into it but no such luck as yet.

I wish them all the luck they need to persuade Matt!

: There has also been word getting around that there was/is another roller down Adelaide way too,we have our people looking into that as well.Keep you posted.

Wow! Do they have vert ramps or pools in Adelaide?

: Hows your hand going now Mr B,are you getting a skate in here and there?

My physiotherapist insists that my hand is doing very well, but my middle finger can't be outstretched which would be needed for a certain gesture. Didn't have any use for this gesture in the past, but it would be soothing to to rely on being able to do it when needed. ;-)

On a positive side, I have been skating a bit last week and yesterday. Yesterday was a strange one. First, there arrived some old men with a falcon, but they wouldn't let it fly near the ramp while I was skating. Then a woman walked by with an animal that looked conspicuously like an ice bear. She insisted that it was an Irish wolf hound. And last, just before I was leaving, there came two kids riding BMX bikes. That was particularly nice since there seldom is someone else riding the ramp in Kirchzarten.
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