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It's Amazing...
: ...the amount of love and support shown here by so many rollerskaters.
: It makes me think that rollerskaters are the kindest and best people in the world.

Wow, I agree, so true!! i love everyone here. ;-D so proud to be one. cant wait til the day i can meet and sk8 w/ one in person. no lie, it will be the highlight of my life.

I've been fortunate enough to meet and skate with some of you and I hope to someday meet the rest of you. I'm grateful to have you as my friends, although it's sad that we are so far away. But, it makes those times even more precious.
: To all those on the bench due to injuries, a speedy recovery...and if it's any comfort, we've all suffered a lot too in our past.
: The spirit found here is truly amazing to me and I think it's what keeps us going, even after punishing ourselves time and time again. It's crazy, even while in pain, our main thoughts are "When can I skate again?"
: It's been great reading all the postings, some funny, some filled with stumbling and falls, some engineering feats, but all have positive vibes... and of course, the fabulous pics and videos. Lastly and mostly, because this forum has given us the opportunity to connect.
: I just wanted to THANK YOU all.

I hope to post good news one day soon and some rad pics. its a rough road ahead now, frustrating too. sorry to post my struggles. agent didnt even yet apply for bone stimulator, so im gonna be a pain in the ass now lol. wiill get back to a more meek supergirl on sk8s! it will be awhile. lets not mention a top job with good medical. for now im bored and hyper with no fun outlets.......
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