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Everyone in vacation
: It all started on Thursday when I drove up to the Potomic Mill Vans Park in DC to teach a lesson to 14 year old. A side surfer who took it to the parks for the first time about a year ago. He has been riding rollerskates since age 4. He rips!!!

This is great! In 1990 I got aquainted to a 14 year old who has been riding since age 6. He has grown a bit lazy, however. His skates are out of work and he is looking for special U-bolt king mounting screws to build some new ones. Hard to get by those screws, however.

: and learned more very quickly.

They learn very fast when they are that young. I hope he continues enjoying roller skating.

: Today I am up at Woodward Camp to work on my web site and check out the new vert ramp in cloud nine. 13Ft Tall with 11Ft transition and 50Ft wide.

What a ramp!

: Should be nice, Chris Edwards is here and I look forward to riding with him.

Haven't heard of him in a long time. How is he doing?

: Tommorow I will head back home. stopping in DC for another lesson and a back yard session at a friends house.

Sounds like you are having a great time.
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