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peak if ya wanna see something sick lol
i must be sick in the head since i'm fascinated with images of this stuff. too bad i feel queasy at the sight of blood because i bet you i would have made a good surgeon. the top 2 pics are my kneecap, perfect. the acl ligament and lateral meniscus are next 2 and are perfect. 3rd right shows the tear which was rubbing against my bone causing me pain. last 2 show the "shark" attacking and chomping up my tear, chomp, chomp, chomp! the last right shows my meniscus after surgery with all the loose pieces gone.

doing ok. saw dr. since my calf went into a knot to make sure its not a blood clot. its ok. just tightened up from surgery and got strained so doing some stretches/exercises/heat for it. walking better now! and guess what???? Dr. is going to get me braces to put under my knee pads so i dont ruin my knees, woo-hoo! right knee might have a mild tear too, crap. too much fun during my life i guess. wish i could have posted some of the pics of me ripping last night, it was rad, too bad it was in my dreams lol.

-evil knievels lil sis lol
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